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  1. Trevon

    9d 108 septembre 200864 113J’en reviens pas. C’est la première fois que j’arrive à accrocher une image stqoƒ©réÂscopiÃue. Et c’est pas faute d’avoir essayé. Merci 1000x.


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    So Beavis, the district can make problbay $500,000 net selling Maywood to a developer and problbay 5 times that selling Nichols yet you think that is the course they should take? Seems to be going the opposite direction than where we need to go and frankly a non-starter so let’s try and focus the discussion on the proposal. If the city and district were interested in developing Maywood that would be part of the discussion and I think we can all assume given their silence on that topic is not an option (which would make sense given the financials).


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    Hola,Lo que sucede es que no recuerdo mi clave para ingresar y el correo electrónico que esta en su base de datos no lo tengo actualmente activo, entonces cuando ustedes me envian la nueva clave no la puedo ver y deseo cambiar la direccion de correo electronico, espero me puedan informar el proceso a seguir.Espero su pronta respuesta.Gracias


    Zelo koristna stran, ki nas spodbuja k medsebojni povezanosti v molitvi. Z veseljem se pridružujem molilcem in obljubim, da bom vsak dan zmolila Vero in Molitev v spravo za bogokletje. Naša vera je resnično zelo majhna, saj nam Bog veliko obljublja že, če bi je imeli le kot gorčično zrno. Drugo molitev pa darujem Bogu, ker je v današnjem času njegovo ime ter ime Matere Marije tolikokrat žaljeno in po nemarnosti uporabljeno.V molitvi ostajamo združeni!


    The crock pot is quite easily one of the best inventions ever. I use mine all the time, even though we’re a household of two. It’s so easy to make a big batch of something, freeze half, have dinner and then have leftovers for lunch. I’ll be getting my sister a slow cooker when she moves into her new place, too.


    Belle analyse de ton rapport à la course a pied.Pour l’Utra, tu aura tout le temps d’y penser dans la nuit du 1er au 2 décembre Moi aussi..A mon niveau, je me demande comment on peut courir plus de 2h, et je suis admiratif de ceux qui comme toi participe a des Nivolet-Revard, ou Saintélyon.Et on veux tous quelque soit notre niveau, courir  » toujours plus vite, toujours plus haut, toujours plus fort!! »Au faites…Tu resignes en 2013 pour Voglans?


    Dearest Vix, oooh! How lovely! You lucky thing. I soooo need a holiday. Have to wait 'til he finishes work in June.I was going to say why don't you come up for Fee's party on April 1st but I'd rather spend more time with you than fly about at a party.Love that colour on you. You look gorgeous in reds and oranges. The bag and necklace are great and I love Alabama 3.Pic of MBT's posted added for you. They look lovely with a puny white leg! Not.Much love, C xx


    Elk jaar met de feestdagen komt dit sprookje weer boven drijven…echt heel prachtig om het een keer op je blog te lezen!Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe het met de jaarwisseling geweest is in de efteling het was er wel goed weer voor!Ik wens jou en je familie een fantastisch gezond en gezellig 2012 toe! lieve groet Maia


    I’ve been using moleskines for over 5 years now. The page one thing was a problem for me at the beginning, but has since ceased to be one. I write fairly prolificly, so page 1 is just a continuation of the last page of the previous journal.As for protecting my moleskines, I’ve found that a heavy plastic zip-lock bag and some 100 mile an hour tape works wonders. They got me through a year in Afghanistan and 18 months in Iraq.God I love these journals…


    Beste Hardware 2010: persönlich: MacBook Air 11″ für das grosse Ganze: ganz klar das iPad!!!Beste Software 2010: eigentlich LittleSnapper weil ich es am häufigsten verwende, aber das gabs ja 2009 auch schon. also ganz klar: Reeeeeeeder (oh ein paar e’s zuviel) Bester Webdienst 2010: YouP…. äääähh YouTupe? *hüstel* Aber wenn man nach häufigkeit der Besuche und nach dem Aufschwung den der Dienst dieses Jahr genommen hat eindeutig Facebook


    I’ve had the Sanyo ECJ-F505 rice cooker for several years and use it all of the time. Never had a problem with it and it makes perfect rice every time. No worry about scalding the rice and baby sitting the pot. And when the rice is done it goes into *warm* mode and keeps the rice warm without burning it. This is one of the best and most useful kitchen appliances I’ve ever owned.


    “But, please remember that in the presence of absolute evil we MUST believe in absolute truth!”So often I find myself focusing on the something that happened or the person who did it…and I forget to go to Jesus with the anger, frustration before it turns into bitterness. Ah!! Thank you for this post!! It’s an awesome reminder that Jesus wants to have all of us, and not just the happy fluffy stuff. I need to take this to Him tonight and let His love bring me back to the reality of his love. This was so spot on. I needed to read this tonight. Thanks again! “Who” is THE vindicator: God, and no one else.”


    Gervasio,totalmente de acuerdo con lo del gilipollasruso y el fascista polaco. Pero no se si recordaras,que esahistoria ya no la habian contado unos años antes. ¿Recuerdas la pelicula Las Sandalias del Pescador? aquella cinta se rodo en 1968 y el Papa polaco entro agobernar en 1978. O sea que los conspiranoicos ya nos habianavisado. Pero claro son cosas de la teoria de la conspiracion.Me gusta o disgusta: 1  1


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    alaaa gundeks,ko pun sama jugak, anti fazura pastu duk kutuk la fazura macam2, ko punya pemikiran lagii jauh kelas ke-infiniti!!! eleh nak teka2 taraf pendidikan org pulak, bila nak tunjuk cert degree or master ko klu ye pun pandai sgt. silap2 ko ni sekampung ngan fazura, sama2 ponteng sekolah kene buang sekolah pastu ko meroyan die dpt ikan besar, ko xdpt kannnnnnnnnnn… meroyan je laaa keje ko niiHot debate. What do you think? 6  9

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    Unless that zippo app can make the screen hot enough to light a cigarette, then I have to agree these are all useless. The only reason these apps are popular is because morons with iphones like to use crap like this to show off how super cool their dumb phones are.


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    Te grzanki to ukradÅ‚em od niejakiego Bobka 😉 Po przekrojeniu fajnie wyglÄ…dajÄ… te brÄ…zowawe oka.NarobiÅ‚aÅ› mi smaka i zrobiÅ‚em dziÅ› knedliki. UżyÅ‚em krupczatki zmieszanej z wrocÅ‚awskÄ…. WyszÅ‚y przyciężkawe, ale – jak to knedliki – wyborne. ZrobiÅ‚em też na sÅ‚odko, ale bez szukania przepisu, tylko na chÅ‚opski rozum: dodaÅ‚em brÄ…zowego cukru, cynamonu i wanilii. Fajne, z syropem klonowym to hoho! DziÄ™kujÄ™ piÄ™knie za inspiracjÄ™. Ty to potrafisz! 🙂

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    I did a little writing of my own about blogging this week when I asked if there was an optimal post length for blogs, which includes a discussion of the 34 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Your Blog. I certainly wasn’t alone writing about blogging.


    One additional follow-up. The letter that DKL in #74 was from someone who receive $780,000 as a bonus and he was going to donate it to Charity. So clearly he is not exactly a poor person. Given that, I still don’t see why someone should be compensated so highly – it seems the system is a bit out of whack.

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    Hello Tim!..Thank you for this video.I found it amazing how that one blow can take you down so fast.I just wanted to ask you.Is there anything the cab driver could of done to defend himself? and if your in a situation like he was, what could you do.Although it was sad to watch,It made me want to learn more about this type of injury.Thank you Tim for sharing.:)I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Vonnie.May she R.I.P.Blessings to you all and may her family find the comfort they need….Soo very young.

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    Dear Alexander,I agree. The global warming movement is a coalition of insane hypocrites and honest unhinged loons like you who apparently really believe that the sky is falling.CheersLM

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    Carrie… Goat is one of several rotating ‘point of view’ characters. He’s forced to take a ride with Gibbon and Tweet the apocalypse as it happens.Jonathan Maberry´s last post ..

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    There’s nothing like Cannes to fill our empty souls with so much hate. Everything looks like it was done in photoshop, the products are all dream briefs, there’s nothing in there that the average student team wouldn’t think of. But then that’s always been what Cannes is like. Which makes the demise of D&AD so very sad.

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    #Ajka, rejsik byÅ‚ takim niespodziewanym prezentem na zakoÅ„czenie pobytu, aż Å‚ezka mi siÄ™ zakrÄ™ciÅ‚a na samo wspomnienie :)# p-i-f, Majorka, jak widać zresztÄ… w postach Ajki i moich, jest godna polecenia (choć lepiej poza sezonem). PiÄ™kne malownicze miasteczka i cudne plaże, czyli 2 w 1 :)#Ewa, no jasne, że byÅ‚o mega fajnie, liczÄ™ na jakÄ…Å› powtórkÄ™, niekoniecznie na Majorce 🙂

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    What gorgeous scenery—and I'm not talking about the Lakes!! You both looked magnificent!! I'll bet the tourists you met have more pictures of you and Krista then they do of the real scenery!!I am so jealous of all the fab fun you guys had!!{{{hugs}}}}

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    "My own observation has been that any man who doesn't instinctively feel a personal revulsion over the things that gays do… well, he must be at least part gay himself."My observation has been that many of the really rabid wingnuts are closet cases. Their supressed yearnings cause them all kinds of mental trauma, which they overcompensate for with their staunchly judgemental religious and political beliefs. James Dobson, Lindsay Graham come to mind. It's similar to the pathological behavior of self-loathing Black Republicans like Clarence Thomas.

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    Good luck with the wisdom extraction! I got mine out last month. Have fun decorating your new place! That is one of my most favorite things- it almost makes the hassle of moving heavy boxes worth it.

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    Mimi – you are such a beautiful person. I am not surprised that you are passionate about this cause! And I absolutely love the story about how your horse, your friend, was unconditionally there during a trial in our life. JUST.BEAUTIFUL!

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    Amazing! I never thought about installing a composting toilet into an Airstream! Smart!! We will be traveling with a Westfalia. It sure will be small for all of us, but we have it and it will be more economical and ecological than a RV (we cannot afford an Airstream right now). One of my big concerns since I eat mostly raw is what to do with compost when we travel. What do you do? What about recycling?

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    OMG…I only recently rediscovered this blog and I'm SO excited to see one of my childhood inspirations up here. Even happier to find out through Wikipedia that she and Geoffrey Holder are still married after 57 years! Thank you so much for making this 40-something woman smile today. 🙂

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    M. Ali,I agree with you that Syria “was one of the most progressive Arab states”, at least in matters of religion and culture. I hope Bashar al-assad one day writes his memoirs to explain why he was unable to respond effectively to the advice given him by Wafic Said (and others). The inner circle tried to keep too much of the economic pie for themselves.

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    How interesting, Miriam. I've just written an essay for my Children's Lit MA which is partly about The Secret Garden. The rather dissonant ideologies (negative references to blacks and 'natives', colonial images of India on the one hand, on the other hand romanticising the 'honest' poverty of the Sowerbys) are one of the reasons it is such a studied text-some academics have remarked on how the colonialism reinforces the class divisions! On rereading as an adult I was struck most by the debt to the Brontes, the strange crying of Colin at night, his presence being kept secret, and the rather inadequate explanation for all this faux gothic mystery!

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